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Unhelpful Companions 

Rabbit lived in the woods. He had numerous companions. He was pleased with his companions. One day hare heard the uproarious woofing of wild mutts. He was terrified. He chose to request help. He rapidly went to his companion deer. He state Dear companion, some wild canines are pursuing me. Would you be able to pursue them away with your sharp prongs?" 

The deer stated, "That is correct, I can. Be that as it may, presently I am occupied. For what reason don't you approach bear for assistance?" 

Rabbit hurried to the endure. "My dear companion, you are exceptionally solid. Kindly assistance me. Some wild canines are after me. If you don't mind pursue them away," he mentioned to the tolerate. 

The bear answered, "I am grieved. I am ravenous and tired. I have to discover some nourishment. If you don't mind approach the monkey for assistance." 

Poor Rabbit went to the monkey, the elephant, the goat and all his different companions. Rabbit felt tragic that no one was prepared to support him. 

He comprehended that he needed to think about an exit plan without anyone else's input. He stowed away under a bramble. He lay still. The wild mutts did not discover the rabbit. They went pursuing different creatures. 

Rabbit discovered that he needed to figure out how to get by independent from anyone else, not relying upon his unhelpful companions. 

Moral: It is smarter to depend on yourself than rely upon others

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