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Ungrateful Tiger Story For Kids

There lived in a woodland a savage tiger who discovered delight in executing creatures, notwithstanding
 when he was not ravenous. 

Each feathered creature and mammoth used to maintain a strategic distance from him. 

When the tiger executed a creature, and keeping in mind that eating it, a little bone adhered to his throat.
 This gave huge 

agony to him. He crying mentioned every single winged creature and brute in the woods to take out th
bone, and 

declared a reward for the activity, as will be wanted by the rescuer. Be that as it may, nobody set out to 
approach to 

help him, since they realized that the tiger was not in the slightest degree trustworthy. When the bone 
was taken out, 

he would slaughter his assistant. 

Seeing the lamentable state of the tiger, finally a thoughtful crane drew close to him and stated, 

"It's just plain obvious, your notoriety is awful. Nobody trusts you. In the event that you guarantee
 me a reward and furthermore that you would 

not murder me when I take out the bone, I am prepared to support you." 

The tiger state How might I execute a considerates companion who might bring me help from this 
torment? I guarantee not to 

execute you, and furthermore guarantee to compensate you as indicated by your desire." 

At this, the crane embedded his long neck into the tiger's mouth and with his sharp nose, he 
before long removed 

the bone. At that point he asked the tiger to reasonably compensate him as per his guarantee. 

The tiger answered, "You stupid crane, how would you set out to ask remunerate from a tiger? By the
 good karma of your 

forefa­thers, you've had the option to spare your life from me, or I would have eaten up, your
 head when it was 

embedded inside my expansive mouth. Also, that is your incredible reward."

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