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The Tiger and the Traveller  Kids Stories

One day the townspeople got a tiger by designing a snare, and set him inside a pen. They set the edge by the side of the street for the general population to see the underhanded tiger who had so far executed numerous cows and kids by all of a sudden assaulting the locals. 

The tiger was currently in genuine issue. He was not given any nourishment nor any beverage. He mentioned every single passer­by to discharge him, promising that he would not murder his rescuer. In any case, nobody accepted the fierce creature. 

Finally, a caring voyager consented to support the tiger, after the last guaranteed not to execute him. Be that as it may, when the tiger was discharged, he needed to execute the man. The man argued forever, helping the creature to remember his guarantee. Be that as it may, the creature did not have any desire to tune in to his supplication. 

In the interim, a fox happened to come there. He heard everything from both the gatherings, and stated, "I don't accept that such a major tiger could fit in that little confine." 

The tiger state"Let me show how I was secured in the enclosure." So saying, he entered the pen. Furthermore, the smooth operator immediately shut the entryway of the confine, and left with the voyager.

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