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The Hidden Treasure Story For Kids

There experienced an old rancher with his three children in a town. 

The dad requested that his children work in the field alongside him. Yet, the youthful colleagues were lethargic. They would not like to work in the sun and the downpours in the field like their dad. 

One day the rancher fell wiped out. He was going to bite the dust. So he called his children, and let them know, "Children, before I kick the bucket, I need to disclose to you some mystery. Under the ground in our field, there are some concealed fortunes. On the off chance that you burrow the land appropriately, you will doubtlessly discover them." 

So saying, the old rancher passed on. 

The young men played out the burial service customs of their dad. At that point, one day all the three siblings went to the field and started to burrow the land altogether from one end to the next so as to locate the concealed fortunes. In any case, they didn't discover any­thing. They were discouraged. 

Presently the oldest sibling advised the other two to plant seeds in the land, as the land had just been furrowed altogether. What's more, they did as such. 

Following a couple of months, they discovered great yields in their field. They procured the gather, and made enormous benefit by sell­ing them. 

Presently the oldest sibling told his two siblings, "Siblings, I've comprehended what our dad had implied by the 'concealed fortunes'. The shrouded fortunes are the great harvests that we found, just by burrowing the land appropriately and planting the seeds there."

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