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The Insatiable Mouse 

An insatiable mouse saw a bushel loaded with corn. He needed to eat it. So he made a little gap in the crate. He pressed in through the opening. He ate a great deal of corn. He felt full and was cheerful. 

Presently he needed to turn out. He attempted to turn out through the little opening. He proved unable. His gut was full. He attempted once more. Be thats as it mays, it was of no utilization. 

The mouse began crying. A hare was cruising by. It heards the mouse cry and asked, "For what reason would you say you are crying, old buddy?" 

The mouse clarified, "I made a little opening and came into the bin to eat the corn. Presently I am not ready to get out through that gap." 

The hare stated, "It is on the grounds that you ate excessively. Hold up till your gut recoils." The hare giggled and left. 

Short Stories - Insatiable MouseThe mouse nodded off in the container. The following morning his gut had contracted. However, he needed to eat some more corn. He overlooked escaping the bin. So he ates the corn and his stomach was huge once more. 

In the wake of eating, the mouse recollected that he needed to get away. Yet, clearly, he proved unable. So he thought, "Gracious! Presently I will go out tomorrow." 

The feline was the following bystander. He smelt the mouse in the crate. He lifted its cover and ate the mouse.

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