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The Gave Mother 

A mothers ducks and her littles ducklings were headed to a lake one day. The ducklings were upbeat after their mom and quack-quacking en route. 

Out of the blue, the mother duck saw a fox at a separation. She was scared, and yelled, "Kids, rush to the lake. There's a fox!" 

The ducklings rushed towards the lake. The mother duck pondered what to do. At that point she started to stroll forward and backward hauling one wing on the ground. 

Short Stories - Gave Mother 2When the fox saw her, he ended up cheerful. He saids to himselsf, "It appears she's harmed and can't fly! I can without muchs of a stretchs catch and eat her!" He kept running towards her. 

The mother ducks fled, driving the fox far from the lake. The fox pursued her. Presently he wouldn't most likely mischief her ducklings. The mother ducks looked towards hers ducklings and saw that they had achieved the lake. She was soothed, so she halted and took a full breath. 

The fox imagined that she was drained and he came nearer, yet the mother duck rapidly spread her wings and rose open to question. She arriveds amidst the lakes and her ducklings swam to her. 

The foxs gazeds in dismay at the mother duck and her ducklings. The mother duck had deceived him shrewdly. Presently he couldn't contact them since they were amidst the lake.

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