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In the south of Spain, there was a little town whose individuals were cheerful. The kids played under the shades of trees in the plant enclosures of their homes. 

A shepherd kid named Nasir remained close to the town with his dad, mother and grandma. Every morning, he took his crowd of goats up the slopes to locate a reasonable spot for them to touch. Toward the evening he would come back with them to the town. Every night his grandma would disclose to him a story - the narrative of stars. This story truly intrigued Nasir. 

On one of those days, as Nasir was watching his crowd and playing his woodwind, he all of a sudden observed a brilliant light behind a bloom shrub. When he moved toward the shrub, he saw a straightforward and delightful gem ball. 

The precious stone ball was sparkling like a beautiful rainbow. Nasir painstakingly took it in his grasp and turned it around. With amazement, all of a sudden, he heard a feeble voice originating from the gem ball. It stated, "You can make a desire that your heart wants and I will satisfy it." 

Nasir could hardly imagine how he had really heard a voice. When he ensured that he had for sure heard that voice from the gem ball, he was extremely confounded. He had such huge numbers of wishes that he couldn't choose one specific wish. He said to himself, 'on the off chance that I hold up till tomorrow I will recollect numerous things. At that point I will make my desire.' 

He put the precious stone ball in a pack and, assembling the group, cheerfully came back to the town. He concluded that he would not educate anybody regarding the gem ball. 

On the next day likewise, Nasir couldn't choose what to want, since he truly had all that he required. 

The days go obviously, yet Nasir was as yet incapable to make his desire. In any case, he seemed, by all accounts, to be extremely lively. The general population around him were flabbergasted to see the adjustment in his manner. 

At some point, a kid pursued Nasir and his crowd and holed up behind a tree. Nasir, not surprisingly, sat in one corner, took out the precious stone ball and for a couple of minutes took a gander at it. The kid sat tight for the minute when Nasir would rest. At the point when Nasir fell sleeping sooner or later, the kid took the gem ball and fled. 

When he touched base at the town, he called every one of the general population and demonstrated to them the precious stone ball. The residents of that town took the precious stone ball in their grasp and turned it around with amazement. All of a sudden they heard a voice from inside the precious stone ball, which stated, "I can satisfy your desire." One individual took the ball and shouted, "I need one pack brimming with gold." Another took the ball and said boisterously, "I need two chests loaded with gems." Some of them wanted that they would have their very own castle with an amazing entryway produced using unadulterated gold, rather than their old houses. Some others wanted for sacks brimming with gems. 

Every one of their desires were satisfied, yet at the same time the natives of the town were upset. They were envious in light of the fact that the individual that had a royal residence had no gold and the individual that had the gold had no castle. Thus, the residents of the town were irate with one another and quit addressing one another. The greenhouses in the town where youngsters used to play were no more. There were castles and gold all over the place. The kids turned out to be awfully despondent. Just Nasir and his family were upbeat and placated. Each morning and evening he would play the flute. 

One day the offspring of the town took the gem ball to Nasir. The youngsters said to Nasir, "When we had a little town, we as a whole were upbeat and cheerful." The guardians additionally talked. They stated, "somehow, we all are miserable. The rich royal residences and gems just bring us torment." 

At the point when Nasir saw that the general population were extremely remorseful, he stated, "Despite the fact that the precious stone ball approached me to want for something, I have not done it up until now. Yet, in the event that you truly need everything to come back to its very own place, at that point I will want for it." 

Everybody cheerfully concurred. Nasir took the gem ball in his grasp, turned it around and wanted that the town would turn into equivalent to it was previously. In a minute, the royal residences vanished, the green greenhouses showed up, and a similar old town loaded with trees was there. 

By and by the general population began to live cheerfully and the kids played under the shade of trees. Nasir proceeded with his mollified life consistently, playing his woodwind at dusk. Its sweet solid was heard all through the delightful green town. 

Moral: We ought to be content with whatever we have and not be covetous

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