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The Cunning Crow 

It was then summer season. The day was exceptionally hot, when a crow ended up parched. He flied here and thither looking for water. Be that as it may, he couldn't discover water anyplace. 

After some time, the crow ran over a pitcher that was lying under a tree. He peeped into it, and found that there was water, however at a low level, and it was not possi­ble for him to suck it with his bill. He was dispirited. In any case, he didn't leave the spot, in light of the fact that the nearness of water in the pitcher made him anxious to drink it. 

The crow's eyes all of a sudden fell on a stack of rocks which were lying under a close-by tree. 

An awesome thought rung a bell that by dropping the rocks into the pitch­er, the degree of the water could be brought to a higher level. So he started to drop the stones individually into the picher; lastly, the degree of the water was raised by the procedure, and he drank it however much he might want.

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