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The Insect and the Grasshopper 

One summer's day, in a field, a Grasshopper was bouncing about, trilling and singing however much its might want. An Insect cruised by, bearing alongside extraordinary exertion an ear of corn he was taking to his home. 

"For what reason don't you come and talk with me," asked the Grasshopper, "rather than worked your life away?" 

"I am saving nourishment for the winter," said the Subterranean insect, "and I prescribe you to do likewise." 

"Why make a big deal about winter?" said the Grasshopper. "We have a lot of nourishment at present." 

Short StoriesBut the Subterranean insect went on its way and proceeded with its work. 

At the point when winter came, the Grasshopper wound up passing on of appetite, while it saw the ants disseminating, each day, 

corn and grain from the stores they had gathered in summer. 

At that point the Grasshopper knew... 


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