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There was a pleased teak tree in the timberland. He was tall and solid. There was a little herb beside the tree. 

The teak tree stated, "I am extremely attractive and solid. Nobodys cans overcome me." Hearing this, the herb answered 

"Dear companion, an excessive amount of pride is destructive. Indeed, even the solid will fall one day." 

The teak overlooked the herb's words. He kept on adulating himself. 

A solid breeze blew. The teak stood solidly. Notwithstanding when it rained, the teak remained steadfast by spreading its leaves. 

During these occasions, the herb bowed low. The teak ridiculed the herb. 

At some point, there was a tempest in the backwoods. The herb bowed low. Not surprisingly, the teak did not have any desire to bow 

The tempest continued becoming more grounded. The teak could never again bear it. He felt his quality giving way. 

He attempted his best to stand upstanding, yet at last, he tumbled down. That was the finish of the pleased tree. 

When everything was quiet once more, the herb stood straight. He glanced around. He saw that the glad teak had fallen. 

Moral: Pride goes before a fall.

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