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Glad Red Rose 

One lovely spring day a red rose bloomed in a backwoods. As the rose glanced around, a pine tree close-by stated, "What a wonderful blossom! I want to be that flawless." Another tree stated, "Dear pine, don't be miserable. We can't have everything." 

The rose turned and commented, "It appears that I am the most lovely bloom in this woodland." 

A sunflowers raiseded its yellows head and asked, "For what reason do you say that? In this timberland there are numerous wonderful blossoms. You are only one of them." 

The red rose answered, "I see everybody taking a gander at me and appreciating me." Then the rose took a gander at a desert plant and stated, "Take a gander at that revolting plant loaded with thistles!" 

The pine tree stated, "Red rose, what sort of talk is this? Who can say what magnificence is? You have thistles as well." 

The pleased red rose took a gander at the pine and stated, "I thought you had great taste! You don't have the foggiest idea what excellence is by any means. You can't contrast my thistles with that of the desert plant." 

"What a pleased blossom," thought the trees. 

The rose attempted to move its foundations from the prickly plant, yet it couldn't move. As the days passed, the red rose would take a gander at the desert plant and express offending words, similar to 'this plant is futile. That I am so sorry to learn his neighbor.' 

The prickly plant never got furious and even attempted to prompt the rose, saying, "God did not make any type of existence without a reason." 

Spring passed, and the climate turned out to be exceptionally warm. Life wound up troublesome in the woodland, as there was no downpour. The red rose started to shrink. 

One day the rose saw sparrows stick their noses into the desert flora and afterward fly away, revived. This was perplexing, and the red rose asked the pine tree what the winged creatures were doing. The pine tree clarified that the winged animals were getting water from the prickly plant. 

"Does it not hurt when they make openings?" asked the rose. 

Short Stories - Sparrow"Yes, however the desert plant dislikes to see the feathered creatures endure," answered the pine. 

The rose opened its eyes in surprise and shouted, "The prickly plant has water?" 

"Truly, you can likewise drink from it. The sparrow can carry water to you on the off chance that you approach the prickly plant for assistance." 

The red rose felt too embarrassed to even consider asking for water from the prickly plant, however at last it asked for assistance. The desert flora sympathetically concurred. The feathered creatures filled their bills with water and watered the rose's underlying foundations. 

Accordingly the rose took in an exercise and never made a decision about anybody by their appearance again.

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