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Look before You Jump 

When a fox was pursued by a tiger in a backwoods. He kept running as quick as he could so as to spare his life. However, abruptly, he fell into a well which was secured with bushes that deterred his vision, as he was running. He couldn't come 

out of the well. Presently the fox realized that demise had been sitting tight for him in that well. He was miserable. 

Before long the fox heard a goat bleating adjacent. He yelled boisterously from inside the well to call the goat. The goat drew close to the well and asked him, "Companion, what are you doing there in the well?" 

The fox stated Companions, have you not heard that a dry spell is before long coming in the nation, and there will be no water anyplace? So I've come here to appreciate the sweet water of this well. The water is scrumptious to such an extent that I don't feel hun­gry. For what reason don't you go along with me, companion? Simply hop into the well, and give me a wonderful organization!" 

The stupid goat accepted the fox and consented to join her companion. As she bounced, the astute fox put one of his feet on her horn and got away from the well. Presently poor people goat was inside the well. She cries Companion, for what reason do you disregard me here? Return." 

The fox state "Companions you ought to have lookbefore you had jumped into the well to check whether it was workable for you to leave it. You didn't do that, and henceforth let you endure." 

The fox left the spot, and the goat lay in the well tallying the days for her inescapable demise.

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