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Lies Beget Danger Story For Kids

There was a little town at the foot of a slope, where the townspeople lived joyfully. A shepherd kid additionally lived there. 

He used to nibble the sheep in the valley from day break to sunset, and returned home at night with his steers. 

One day the shepherd kid thought of befooling the townspeople." He yelled as loud as possible. "Wolf, Wolf!" 

The townspeople came rushing to-the spot with their sticks and weapons close by to spare the kid and his cows. In any case, they found no wolf there. The shepherd kid started to snicker, as bind had the option to befool the townspeople. 

Following a couple of days, the shepherd kid again yelled, "Wolf, Wolf!" and once more, the residents came running with their sticks and weapons to the salvage of the upset, yet once more, they saw the shepherd kid chuckling for befooling them. They returned irritated at the kid. 

Presently one day a wolf truly showed up at the valley and assaulted the shepherd kid and his steers. The kid yelled boisterously, "Wolf, Wolf!" However the locals took it for the typical fun that the kid appreciated by deceiving them. So they didn't trouble themselves to act the hero. 

The shepherd kid was murdered, and a couple of sheep were harmed by the wolf. The kid comprehended before his passing that untruths don't pay, and they rather make inconveniences for the liar.

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