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Greedy Boy Short Story

Sam and Tom were indistinguishable twins. They were indistinguishable from such an extent that even their mom thought that it was hard to recognize one from the other, at any rate during their underlying days on earth. 

In any case, they were altogether different from one another when it came to everything other than their appearance. Sam had no companions, while Tom was an incredible kinship producer. Sam adored desserts, however Tom cherished fiery nourishment and loathed desserts. Sam was mom pet and Tom was daddy's pet. While Sam was liberal and benevolent, Tom was ravenous and childish! 

As Sam and Tom grew up, their dad needed to share his fortune similarly among them. In any case, Tom did not concur and he contended that whoever demonstrated to be progressively smart and solid would need to get a greater portion of the riches. 

Sam concurred. Their dad chose to compose a challenge between the two. He requested that the two children stroll as long as they could, and return home before dusk. The riches would be separated in extent to the separation secured. When in doubt of the challenge, they were not allowed to convey a watch to monitor the time. 

The next day, Sam and Tom set out to walk. It was a somewhat bright day. Sam strolled gradually and consistently, while Tom broke into a dash as he was set on winning the race and furthermore winning a more prominent bit of his dad's riches. 

Sam realized that it is perfect to stroll beyond what many would consider possible till early afternoon and begin for home around early afternoon as it would require some investment to stroll back home. Knowing this, Sam chose to turn back for home around early afternoon so as achieve home on schedule. 

Be that as it may, Tom, with his covetousness to win more riches, did not endeavor to return home even after mid-early afternoon. He strolled twice the length Sam, and figured he would at present have the option to return home before dusk. He rushed back when he saw the sun turn orange. Lamentably, he couldn't make it mostly home as the sun set. Gradually murkiness immersed his way and he needed to drag his worn out feet back home. 

He had lost the race. Simply because of his ravenousness. Ravenousness prompts misfortune.

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