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Grapes Are Sour Story For Kids

When a ravenous fox went about looking for nourishment and achieved a vineyard. He ceased close to one of the trees that drag delightful ready grapes which were hang­ing in bundles. His mouth watered. He believed that he would eat the ready grapes to fulfill his appetite. 

So he attempted to seize the grapes. He bounced as high as conceivable to hold in any event one of the packs which was not all that high. Yet at the same time it was past his range. At the point when his rehashed endeavors neglected to get even a solitary grape, he was disturbed. 

So he supported himself by imagining that these grapes must be sharp, which he ought not taste. What's more, it is smarter to leave the vineyard and search for nourishment elsewhere. So the fox left.

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