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Change Yourself and not The World 

Some time in the past, individuals lived cheerfully under the standard of a ruler. 
The general population of the kingdom were extremely glad as they driven a prosperous existence 
with a plenitude of riches and no adversities. 

Once, the ruler chose to go visiting spots of verifiable significance and explorer focuses at far off 
spots. He chose to venture out by foot to collaborate with his kin. Individuals of far off spots were 
extremely glad to have a discussion with their lord. They were pleased that their ruler had a caring heart. 

Following a little while of movement, the lord came back to the royal residence. He was very glad
 that he had visited numerous explorer focuses and saw his kin having a prosperous existence. 
In any case, he had one lament. 

He had horrendous agony in his feet as it was his first trek by foot covering a long separation.
 He griped to his priests that the streets weren't happy and that they were extremely stony.
 He couldn't endure the agony. He said that he was especially stressed over the general 
population who needed to stroll along those streets as it would be difficult for them as well! 

Thinking about this, he requested his workers to cover the streets in the entire nation with 
calfskin so the general population of his kingdom can walk serenely. 

The ruler's priests were dazed to hear his request as it would imply that a huge number of cows
 would need to be butchered so as to get adequate amount of calfskin. What's more, it would
 cost a colossal measure of cash too. 

At long last, a shrewd man from the service went to the ruler and said that he had another thought. 
The ruler asked what the option was. The clergyman stated, "Rather than covering the streets with 
calfskin, for what reason don't you simply have a bit of cowhide sliced fit as a fiddle to cover your feet?" 

The ruler was especially amazed by his recommendation and acclaimed the intelligence of the 
clergyman. He requested a couple of cowhide shoes for himself and mentioned all his compatriots
 additionally to wear shoes. 

Moral: Rather than attempting to change the world, we should attempt to change ourselves.

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