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Baby Camel and Mother Insprational Stories

A mother and an infant camel were lying near, and all of a sudden the child camel asked, "mother, may I pose you a few inquiries? Mother stated, "Sure! Why child, is there something annoying you? Child stateded, "For what reason do camels have bumps?" Mothers saids "Well child, we are desert creatures, we need the mounds to store water and we are known to get by without water". Child stateded, "Alright, at that point for what reason are our legs long and our feet adjusted?" Mother stateded "Child, clearly they are intended for strolling in the desert. You know with these legs I can move around the desert superior to anything anybody does!" Infant stateded, "Alright, at that point for what reason are our eyelashes long? Now and then it troubles my sight". Mother with satisfaction stated, "My child, those long thick eyelashes are your defensive spread. They help to shield your eyes from the desert sand and wind". 

Infant subsequent to deduction stated, "I see. So the protuberance is to store water when we are in the desert, the legs are for strolling through the desert and these eye lashes shield my eyes from the desert then what in god's name would we say we are doing here in the Zoo!?" 

Moral: Aptitudes, learning, capacities and encounters are just valuable in the event that you are at the perfect spot.

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