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Ali Baba and Forty Thieves Arabian Nights

The story happens in Baghdad during the Abbasid time. Ali Baba and his senior sibling Cassim are the children of Ali Baba and forty thievesa trader. After the demise of their dad, the insatiable Cassim weds a rich lady and turns out to be wealthy, expanding on their dad's the same old thing - however Ali Baba weds a poor lady and subsides into the exchange of a woodcutter. 

One day Ali Baba is grinding away gathering and cutting kindling in the timberland, and he happens to catch a gathering of forty criminals visiting their fortune store. The fortune is in a cavern, the mouth of which is fixed by enchantment. It open on the wordsOpen, Sim sim and seals itself on the words "Close, Simsim". At the point when the hoodlums are gone, Ali Baba enters the cavern himself, and takes a portion of the fortune home. 

Ali Baba gets his sister-in-law's scales to gauge this new abundance of gold coins. Unbeknownst to Ali, she puts a mass of wax in the scales to discover what Ali is utilizing them for, as she is interested to comprehend what sort of grain her devastated brother by marriage needs to gauge. To her stun, she finds a gold coin adhering to the scales and reveals to her better half, Ali Baba's rich and insatiable sibling, Cassim. Under strain 

from his sibling, Ali Baba is compelled to uncover the mystery of the cavern. Cassim goes to the cavern and enters with the enchantment words, yet in his voracity and energy over the fortunes overlooks the enchantment words to get pull out once more. The criminals discover him there, and murder him. At the point when his sibling does not return, Ali Baba goes to the cavern to search for him, and finds the body, quartered and with each piece showed simply inside the passageway of the cavern to demoralize any comparable endeavors later on. 

Ali Baba brings the body home, where he depends Morgiana, an astute slave-young lady in Cassim's family unit, with the assignment of causing others to accept that Cassim has kicked the bucket a characteristic passing. To start with, Morgiana buys meds from a pharmacist, disclosing to him that Cassim is gravely sick. At that point, she finds an old tailor known as Baba Mustafa whom she pays, blindfolds, and prompts Cassim's home. There, medium-term, the tailor fastens the bits of Cassims' body back together, with the goal that nobody will be suspicious. Ali and his family can give Cassim a legitimate internment without anybody posing cumbersome inquiries. 

The hoodlums, finding the body gone, understand that one more individual must know their mystery, and set out to follow him down. One of the hoodlums goes down to the town and runs over Baba Mustafa, who notices that he has quite recently sewn a dead man's body back together. Understanding that the dead man more likely than not been the cheats' injured individual, the criminal asks Baba Mustafa to lead the path to the house where the deed was performed. The tailor is blindfolded once more, and in this state he can backtrack his means and discover the 

house. The criminal imprints forty hoodlums the entryway with an image. The arrangement is for different criminals to return that night and slaughter everybody in the house. Be that as it may, the cheat has been seen by Morgiana and she, faithful to her lord, thwarts his arrangement by denoting every one of the houses in the area with a comparative checking. At the point when the 40 cheats return that night, they can't distinguish the right house and the head hoodlum murders the 

lesser cheat. The following day, another cheat returns to Baba Mustafa and attempts once more, just this time, a lump is chipped out of the stone advance at Ali Baba's front entryway. Again Morgiana foils the arrangement by making comparative chips in the various doorsteps. The subsequent cheat is executed for his ineptitude also. Finally, the head criminal proceeds to search for himself. This time, he remembers everything about jar of the outside of Ali Baba's home. 

The head of the cheats claims to be an oil trader needing Ali Baba's cordiality, carrying with him Forty criminals covering up in oil jarsmules stacked with thirty-eight oil containers, one loaded up with oil, the other thirty-seven concealing the other residual hoodlums. When Ali Baba is snoozing, the criminals intend to execute him. Once more, Morgiana finds and thwarts the arrangement, executing the thirty-seven cheats in their oil shakes by pouring bubbling oil on them. At the point when their pioneer comes to animate his men, he finds that they are dead, and departures. 

To get vengeance, after some time the hoodlum builds up himself as a trader, becomes friends with Ali Baba's child (who is currently accountable for the late Cassim's the same old thing), and is welcome to supper at Ali Baba's home. The criminal is perceived by Morgiana, who plays out a hit the dance floor with a blade for the burger joints and dives it into the core of the cheat when he is off his watchman. Ali Baba is from the start irate with Morgiana, however when he finds 

out the cheat attempted to murder him, he gives Morgiana her opportunity and weds her to his child. Ali Baba is then left as the just one knowing the mystery of the fortune in the cavern and how to get to it. In this manner, the story closes joyfully for everybody with the exception of the forty cheats and Cassim.

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