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A Monkey and Two Felines 

When a cake was stolen by two felines from a house. Be that as it may, they would not like to share it. 

Every one of the felines asserted that it was his gaining and that he was not set up to give an offer to the next. At the point when their fight achieved the peak, a monkey showed up on the scene. He offered himself to tackle the question. He heard the case and opined that as they were great companions, they should share the cake similarly. What's more, he offered himself to separate the cake into two a balance of for them. 

By one way or another the felines consented to his recommendation. At that point the monkey took and 'isolated the cake into two sections. He gauged every one of the parts independently, and found that one was heavier than the other. So he gave a decent chomp to the heavier piece to make it of lesser weight, and gauged it once more. Presently he found the other part heavier. So once more, he gave a decent chomp to the heavier piece and put it one the scale. Presently it seemed, by all accounts, to be of lesser weight. Once more, he gave a decent nibble to the by and by heavier piece to make it equivalent in weight to the next. Be that as it may, none of the two pieces seemed, by all accounts, to be flawlessly equivalent in weight. 

Presently the cake was nearly eaten up by the smart monkey along these lines. So the felines needed the rest of the parts once more from the monkey. At this, the monkey said that they can't get them back, on the grounds that he asserts them as compensation for his administration to them. So saying, the monkey gulped the tuning two little bits of the cake and bounced high to of a tree, past the span of the felines.

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