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A Trader and his Jackass 

One lovely spring morning, a shipper stacked his jackass with packs of salt to go to the market, so as to sell the salt. The trader and his jackass were strolling along together. They had not strolled far when they achieved a waterway in transit. 

Shockingly, the jackass slipped and fell into the waterway. As it mixed up the bank of the stream, it saw that the sacks of salt stacked on his back had turned out to be lighter. 

There was nothing the shipper could do aside from return home, where he stacked his jackass with more packs of salt. As they achieved the tricky riverbank once more, the jackass fell into the stream, this time purposely. In this way the salt was squandered once more. 

At this point the dealer knew the jackass' trap. He needed to show the creature a thing or two. As he returned home the second time with the jackass, the vendor stacked packs of wipes on its back. 

The couple set out on their excursion to the market a third time. On achieving the stream, the jackass all around keenly fell into the water once more. Be that as it may, presently, rather than the heap getting to be lighter, it wound up heavier. 

The dealer chuckled at the jackass and stated, "You stupid jackass, your trap has been found. You should realize that you can't trick anybody too often."


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