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A Greedy Dog

When a pooch was holding up close to a meat shop the would like to get by chance a bit of meat. Before long he found a chance. 

The retailer had a decent number of clients visiting his shop at once, and he ended up occupied in conversing with them and selling meat as per their separate regrets. 

Meanwhile, the canine figured out how to nibble a piece of meat from the shop and fled as quick as could be expected under the circumstances. He achieved the bank of a stream and needed to cross the waterway by the extension that was laid over it. 

The canine climbed the extension, and as he drew close to its center, he saw his own shadow fell on the bed of the waterway, which mirrored that a pooch was remaining with a chunk of substance in his mouth. 

The pooch wound up ravenous and needed to a way that bit of meat moreover. So he hopped into the stream to seize 

the meat. What's more, he was before long diverted by the solid ebb and flow of the waterway. Along these lines the canine had gotten the outcome 

of his avarice.

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