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A Cricket and an Ant 

Once there was a subterranean insect. She lived in a field. A cricket lived close to its opening. They were companions. The cricket was languid. In the long periods of summer, it sang and made happy. It didn't store sustenance for winter. 

It was imprudent. The subterranean insect was not apathetic. She worked day and night. She assembled grains for winter. In winter, the ground was secured with snow. The cricket had nothing to eat. The subterranean insect had grains to eat. 

The cricket went to the subterranean insect to acquire a few grains. The subterranean insect asked it what it had been doing during summer. The cricket answered that it sang and made cheerful during summer. The insect answered, "On the off chance that you sang the mid year away, you should move away the winter." 

Moral: No agonies, no increases.


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